Another way to make use of an all natural method of treating pimples is to resist severe chemicals when cleaning your face. Although Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylate may serve to dry out your pimples, it is also drying up all of the skin around the pimples, and rendering it red and dry. There are different ways to dry the pimples and take away the oil and bacteria without causing harm to the surrounding skin.Their job was acknowledged openly in emails . Even more generally, the group’s part was to initiate academic publications and other content and to firefight legislative, press and scientific threats to the pesticide and GMO sectors, even while keeping their industry links hidden. Browse the rest of this fascinating story of corrupted technology at Independent Science News.. Adjusting your diet to boost an aging brain Adding more olive nuts or oil to a Mediterranean diet – – one abundant with fruits, vegetables, fish and wholegrains and lower in red meat – – may help keep your brain sharper as you age group, a new research suggests.