This mechanism for exporting carbon to the deep sea is named the biological carbon pump. Artificial enhancement of the biological carbon pump by fertilizing the oceans with nutrition has been proposed just as one geo-engineering ‘fix’ for global warming due to the increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide from anthropogenic resources. The decrease in viral infection rates due to artificially adding nutrients to the ocean could later on benefit humans by increasing the performance of the biological carbon pump, producing these proposed sea geo-engineering schemes more practical, said Dr Rhodes.This deal is subject to shareholder approval of Piramal Healthcare Limited and other customary closing circumstances, and is expected to close in the second half of 2010. This transaction has been carried out by a wholly-possessed subsidiary of Abbott, leading to full possession of the assets of Piramal’s Healthcare Solutions business . About the Piramal Group The Piramal Group, led by Ajay G. Piramal is among India’s foremost business conglomerates. Driven by the core values of Knowledge Action Care, the Piramal Group offers interests in an array of industries that encompass healthcare, drug discovery & research, diagnostics, glass, real estate and financial solutions.