This exercise is intended to look uncomfortable unnatural. But you shall immediately feel the burn and strain deep in the core muscles of your body. Perform about four rotations that should be a decent workout for the average person. However in case you are little beyond average you can test five. There isn’t really any damage in pushing your limits as far as you can go. Like the plank is the medicine ball pike. This one requires a good amount of stability and flexibility. You should probably not attempt this exercise if you don’t are experienced in athletics already somewhat.Several bits of the bill, which is usually headed for President Barack Obama's desk, would reduce federal payments to hospitals in trade for staving off cuts to doctor's pay. Hospitals are calling it a raid on the funding, which has already been at the mercy of cuts in the health overhaul law . The Miami Herald: Fiscal Cliff Compromise Will Cost Florida Billions Congress may possess kept the nation from exceeding the fiscal cliff, nonetheless it didn’t avert a multi-billion dollar hit to Florida's struggling economy. Under the bill, Congress voted to halt a $30 billion slice in payments to physicians who treat Medicare sufferers that was planned to take impact this week. The answer calls for hospitals that treat those patients to get half the tab over another a decade.