Remember, by approaching these presssing issues like any other health topics, not as something embarrassing or dirty, you increase the odds that your kids will feel comfortable arriving at you with any relevant queries and problems. As awkward as it might feel, answer questions honestly. And unless you understand the answers, it’s OK to say so, find out and get back to your kids then. In case you have questions about how exactly to talk with your child about sex, consider consulting your physician. Lots of parents discover this difficult to tackle, and a doctor may offer some helpful perspective.‘Basically, men possess different ideals and standards than women with regards to their bodies, and it seems sensible an eating disorder will be expressed differently in guys than in females,’ he said. However, other psychological problems also were at play. Self-esteem problems and the desire to surpass society’s definition of masculinity contributed even more to overuse of supplements than did body dissatisfaction, Achiro said. ‘It demonstrates that, yes, the body can be an important component, but there’s a way we’re using these supplements to pay for something more deeply,’ he said.