The ADXS-HPV CIN research is a randomized, solitary blind, placebo controlled Phase II dose-ranging study made to assess the basic safety and efficacy in up to 3 different dose cohorts. ‘We proposed the changes to FDA based on the encouraging safety profile that has emerged after 110 individuals have been dosed with ADXS-HPV. This noticeable change, combined with the learning curve associated with any clinical research, should provide our mid dosage results in much more quickly,’ commented Advaxis Executive Vice President John Rothman, PhD.By the final end of the analysis, 6.7 % of women and 6.1 % of men had developed PTSD, a notable difference that is not significant statistically. There is no difference in PTSD severity between men and women, according to the study in the September issue of the journal Psychiatric Research. ‘We found no gender variations in the development of PTSD. Consequently, our focus should be on the types of traumatic encounters that people have been exposed to, than any inherent gender variations in the advancement of PTSD rather,’ said Maguen, an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School.