Results showed that males in the first group had an average of 40 million per milliliter sperm in comparison to 25 million/ml in those guys in the fourth group. Normal range of sperm fertility is 20 to 40 million/ml. After considering other factors that can affect sperm levels like smoking, way of life and other illnesses, experts found that average sperm concentration was 32 percent low in the best alcohol group compared to the abstinence group. Lower concentration of sperm makes conception difficult and often longer. But he stated that alcohol may not be the only culprit.?.. Alcohol during pregnancy impacts fertility of unborn child: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD According to new study a mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy can considerably affect the fertility of her unborn man offspring.More than 100 genetic variants of the gene encoding transthyretin are associated with autosomal dominant types of the disease, referred to as familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy6-8 and familial amyloidotic cardiomyopathy.9-11 The most typical mutation connected with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy is V30M; furthermore to polyneuropathy, cardiac involvement could be manifested early as conduction disturbances in patients with the V30M mutation and as cardiomyopathy in some individuals with the V30M mutation who’ve advanced disease and in individuals with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy with various other mutations.12,13 The predominant mutation connected with familial amyloidotic cardiomyopathy is V122I; patients with this mutation are susceptible to isolated cardiac involvement and will not have polyneuropathy.9 Most sufferers are heterozygous for the TTR mutations, and the amyloid deposits consist of mutant and nonmutant transthyretin.14,15 Liver transplantation is conducted in patients with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy but has substantial limitations, including transplant availability and substantial morbidity and mortality.16-20 Also, transplantation eliminates the production of mutant but not nonmutant transthyretin, so further deposition of non-mutant transthyretin occurs after transplantation, resulting in cardiomyopathy and worsening of neuropathy.