Braverman Lectureship Award on Oct. 29 The American Thyroid Association’s Lewis E. Braverman Lectureship Award recognizes a known member of the ATA who provides demonstrated excellence and enthusiasm for mentoring fellows, learners, and junior faculty and has a long history of productive thyroid research. The association shall present an honorarium to E. Chester Chip Ridgway, MD, the 2011 recipient of the Lewis E. Braverman Lectureship Award, on 29 October, 2011, at its 81st Annual Meeting, held October 26-30 in Indian Wells, California. Dr. Ridgway retains several important positions at the University of Colorado College of Medication, including Executive Vice Seat Medication, Frederic Hamilton Professor of Medicine, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Vice Chair, Department of Medicine.In addition, simply over 7 percent had energetic tumor , and approximately 4 percent had an acute inflammatory or rheumatic disease. There were no differences in features between sufferers in the rivaroxaban group and those in the enoxaparin group that could describe the disparity in bleeding rates at day 10.9 The effects of the current research support those from other research that demonstrated the efficacy of extended thromboprophylaxis11 but also the increased threat of bleeding.11,12 One limitation of our trial was the inclusion of asymptomatic proximal deep-vein thrombosis, seeing that detected on ultrasonography, within the primary efficacy outcome. Ultrasonography is not performed routinely in medical individuals.