This past year, a more-specific second era of the drug, eplerenone, received Drug and Food Adminstration acceptance. Still neither version has turned into a medicine cabinet mainstay. However the potential for aldosterone blockers may be unfolding as researchers such as for example Dr. Dorrance discover what the hormone does and what blocking it helps prevent. Within an animal model of hypertension and stroke, Dr. Dorrance and MCG graduate student Christine Rigsby, a paper co-author, show spironolactone won’t lower blood pressure but will invert the wall-thickening aftereffect of aldosterone, at least in men.Reddien, an associate professor at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Analysis, will receive AAA’s 2012 Harland Winfield Mossman Award in Developmental Biology and will present an award lecture entitled ‘The Cellular and Molecular Basis for Regeneration in Planarians’ at the AAA Annual Interacting with at EB 2012. The award recognizes Reddien for his seminal contributions to the field of tissue regeneration by learning its underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms. Using planaria as a model program, Reddien provides demonstrated the pluripotent stem cell-like nature of the regenerative source tissue and defined important pathways involved in regeneration. Jeremy F. Reiter, a co-employee professor in the Section of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Cardiovascular Analysis Institute at UCSF, will have the 2012 R.R.