Scott Brown in January, which deprived Democrats of a supermajority in the Senate and place health care reform on life support. However now Congressional leaders are back on track with an idea to vote on a healthcare reform package that avoids the need for a Senate supermajority by using budget reconciliation procedures. On the other hand, ‘MoveOn is sending a contact to its users today requesting them to pledge to support a progressive main challenger to House Democrats that vote against reform,’ Politico blog’s Live Pulse reports., a new wholly-owned subsidiary that may focus on the research, development, manufacture and worldwide sales of Onko-Sure- – AMDL’s proprietary, regulatory accepted in vitro diagnostic cancer test. Since the begin of FY2009, AMDL has made significant improvement in commercializing Onko-Sure for both the domestic and international markets, achieving prepared milestones that include: Increased market recognition both domestically and internationally; Expanded product availability through signed distribution agreements with partners in the US, Canada, Asia and India; Preparation for the future through a signed collaboration agreement with Mayo Clinic for development of the next-generation version of Onko-Sure test; and, Engagement with skillfully developed, scientists, doctors and business advancement consultants in the scientific and medical communities to assist in furthering ADI’s commercializing efforts.