Clinical Outcomes The efficacy of an individual 1200-mg intravenous dose of oritavancin was related to that of vancomycin administered twice daily for 7 to 10 days, at both the early clinical evaluation and the post-therapy evaluation. The principal composite end point at the early scientific evaluation , the ultimate end point of medical cure at post-therapy evaluation as assessed by a study investigator , and the end point of a reduction in lesion size of 20 percent or more at early clinical evaluation met the prespecified noninferiority margin, since the lower limit of the 95 percent confidence interval for the between-group difference .Which Women is eligible for a medical abortion ? Before going for medical abortion ladies should confirm her pregnancy is at nine weeks. Females should undergo ultra scanning or urine being pregnant test. There are certain conditions which women should consider prior to going for medical abortion. *Ladies suffering or undergoing cardiovascular illnesses or treatment. *Ladies with chronic adrenal failing or Coagulation disorder or asthma should consult their doctor. *Women having allergies to prostaglandin or mifepristone medicines. *Women having intrauterine gadget placed inside should have it eliminated before medical abortion. What Should Women expect with medical Abortion? *Medical Abortion is an activity similar to naturally occurring miscarriage.